08 January, 2008

Update from Object Arts

This was posted by Andy Bower on comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin:

Yes you can expect maintenance releases for Dolphin. As you know Dolphin is currently an excellent tool for building Win32 based applications and one wouldn't expect that support for Win32 is going away anytime soon in the Windows OS. So, it shouldn't be too difficult for us to keep Dolphin running under future versions of Windows providing the Win32 base remains supported. Indeed, we have to do this for applications that we have running in house.

The announcement back in August was intended to convey the fact that, given the poor commercial performance of Dolphin, we just do not have the resources to commit to a major development programme; the sort that would be required to port Dolphin to .NET.

So, I guess nothing has changed but perhaps I didn't explain the situation clearly enough back in August.

Best regards

Andy Bower

This is great news!

Jeff M.


tejón said...

Wonderful news indeed. :) Vista Smalltalk apparently stalled out in July as well, so the field was looking pretty bleak. This was a great thing to come back to after a few months doing other things.

I'm curious what your ideas are for a games-centric Smalltalk?

tejón said...

Hey Jeff,

Saw you on C.L.S.D a little while back, asking about getting Dolphin running on Parallels... does this mean there's the likelihood of further development for Unstdio?

I ran into a former Volition coworker of yours on World of Warcraft (of all places!) and we've been kicking around some ideas for a small-scale 2D MUD/MMO; though he wasn't previously familiar with the language, his ideas for the back-end and world editing tools have Smalltalk written all over them, and the fact that we aren't aiming for 3D graphics means that Unstdio might well be perfect for the client.

I've just about talked him into it. If the project is still alive (read: if there's someone to answer stupid questions) it's an easy sell. :)

Ezequiel said...

I've found an interesting Smalltalk project. It's kind of a game engine too, if someone is interested: http://code.google.com/p/hgetalk/