06 December, 2007

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

I've been quite busy of late. I've been trying to modify the GameEngine package (in the very little time I've had lately) so that it will "just work" with the Community Edition of Dolphin, but I've been unsuccessful so far. I'll be putting up a new version as soon as I get that working.

As far as future updates go, I must admit that my motivation has dropped significantly since Object Arts' announcement to discontinue development of Dolphin. I've been looking into porting it to VisualWorks, but I've grown to love Dolphin. While there are a couple things I'd like to add/change (a GUI layer primarily and then adding physics support), I feel that the engine is fairly complete for someone to make something simple with.

I've been toying with the idea of implementing my own [tiny] Smalltalk just for games, and even slapped together a simple image and interpreter. But, that's still a ways off (and a bit pie-in-the-sky) considering the time I have to "play" with.