19 May, 2007

Engine Available!

I've updated the Unstdio website and the 2D game engine is now available for download. It's definitely in an alpha stage, so as soon as I get some time to continue work on it some of the classes may change. There are also some classes that are currently there as placeholders, and not currently used (for example, GameMenu).

If you find anything wrong, definitely email me and I'll be sure to fix it as soon as I can. If you modify the code and add any features, I would very much appreciate those being made available to myself and everyone else, but that isn't required. Definitely do not claim ownership of the engine, and if used, please give credit where it's due.



udosch said...

Hi Jeffrey,

I didn't take a look at the code yet - however I'm using wrappers for FreeImage and FMOD here. How big do you think would it be to make them usable?



Jeffrey Massung said...

I've had no experience with FreeImage, but DevIL does everything I could ever want, and fits in with Smalltalk extremely well; I suggest looking at the code for it before adding another image manipulation library.

As for FMOD, I specifically chose to use BASS instead. The C version of FMOD is being deprecated (version 3.x) for FmodEx (4.x+), which is entirely C++. That makes it more difficult to wrap. All the methods are virtual, so it's possible, but the interface may very well change in the future (at the very least I can guarantee that the vtable for certain objects will probably change).

BASS has a very simple license, and for homebrew, free applications it is free to use. I suggest giving it a look. The interface is almost identical to that of FMOD 3.x.

fomoto said...

Excellent work! Congrats! ;)

tejón said...

Been a while, but I thought I'd pop in to say... hey! More tutorials coming? :)

Sean said...

Yeah, would love an update