28 December, 2006

Asteroids Screenshot

I've had a few emails wondering on the progress of the little Asteroids game. To be honest, there isn't much to see at the moment; there's only a couple scenes: the main menu with instructions on how to play and the game scene where all the action takes place. A hearty thanks goes out to Ari Feldman for creating his SpriteLib graphics. I would hate to think just how bad the visuals of this clone would be without his work.

There's audio including some background music from a great site: Shockwave-Sound. I'm not very good at taking screenshots (at least not interesting ones), and there's a lot I'd like to add to this clone. Actually, each day it turns out to be less and less of a clone as I change the input scheme. In fact, I actually enjoy playing it while programming it - always the mark of something good to come. :-)

If there's one thing that this prototype of a game has done, it's shown the shortcomings of the engine I need to work on, where the engine shines (the actual game itself is very, very little code), and how much of a dream Smalltalk is to work with. I don't think - outside of work - I've even touched C/C++ in about 3 months. I think that, in and of itself, is a testament to just how good and complete Dolphin Smalltalk is.

Next I'll be adding a particle system to the mix and some simple particle emitters. That should add a whole extra layer of visuals to the engine very easily. As for the game, I need a nice starfield moving in the background, some shields still, and currently there's no way to die. The ship doesn't actually collide with the asteroids yet.

I'll post more screenshots later as more features are added. I'm hoping soon to actually have something downloadable for people to try on their machines.

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